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Welcome to Laser Vision SA, Adelaide’s most advanced laser correction clinic treating cataracts and freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Adelaide Ophthalmologist, Dr Graham Fraenkel is a specialised Laser Vision eye surgeon who performs a wide range of procedures, including Lasik and SMILE eye laser correction, and laser cataract surgery.


    The new revolution in Laser Vision Correction

    Laser Vision SA now uses SMILE Vision Correction, the new revolution in vision correction. SMILE uses one silent, invisible, painless laser to change the focus of your eye in less than 30 seconds.

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    Get rid of glasses and contact lenses with LASIK

    During all laser femto-Lasik, the Zeiss VisuMax laser creates a thin flap of tissue on the front of the eye. A painless cool laser is then applied under this flap to change the focus of your eye. The flap is then safely replaced to give a faster and more comfortable vision recovery than Surface (PRK) Laser.

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    Cataract and Laser Cataract Removal

    When a cloudy cataract impairs your vision such that you cannot perform certain tasks with ease, a cataract procedure may help you. In this procedure, usually performed under anaesthetic drops and sedation, without injections around the eye, the cloudy cataract is replaced with a clear artificial lens (IOL). You will go home an hour later without a patch over the eye, and vision improves rapidly.

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experience & care

Laser Vision SA’s aim is to excel in providing you with the highest standards of clinical care, technology and service with a warm human touch.

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Always thought you were unsuitable?

Now more than ever you may be suitable even if you have;

Near or short-sightedness
Long sightedness or hyperopia
Thin, flat or steep corneas
Need reading glasses

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Things You Will Enjoy After Vision Correction

Saying goodbye to glasses and contacts is one thing, but imagine being able to ...

  • see the leaves on the trees without glasses/contacts
  • wake up and read the clock
  • see in the pool
  • not squint at the TV
  • not lose your specs in the car/house/plane
  • not have to poke your finger in your eye with contacts
  • not travelling with spare contacts, containers & solutions
  • tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner in the shower

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